Truck #157 SD Digital KU Band Uplink & Production Vehicle


Price: SOLD

A truck in exceptionally nice condition with low mileage. An easy upgrade path to HD.

Chassis Description

2005 Ford F-650 Super Diesel Truck
Caterpillar C7 Engine with Automatic Transmission
Mileage:  107,000
GVWR: 21,000

Coach Description

Gerling & Associates Nomad Custom Coach
7 Rack Design with separate production suite
Generator: Onan 12kW


AVL 1.8m Four Port, Dual Path Antenna with no polarity restrictions
Research Concepts RC3050 Antenna Controller

RF Equipment

2 MCL Model 10999 Ku-Band Amplifiers
2 Miteq Model U-9696-3-L Upconverters
2 Tandberg E5714 4:2:2 MPEG-2 Digital Encoders
2 Tandberg T-1280 HD IRD
2 Tandberg T-1260 SD IRD
Carolina Microwave RF Controller Model 18941 Dual Path Control Unit
AVCOM MSA-4570D  Spectrum Analyzer
Tektronix 1705A Spectrum Monitor
DirecTV+DVR  Satellite Receiver
Scientific Atlanta  PowerVu DVB Satellite Receiver

Video Equipment

Pesa Ocelot SD-SDI Video/Audio Routing Switcher (16×16)
Pesa Ocelot Analog Video/Audio Routing Switcher (8×8)
Pesa Ocelot Remote Router Control Panel
Leitch DPS475 Frame Sync
Leitch DPS575 Frame Sync
Tektronix SPG422 Comp. Digital Sync Generator
Videotek VSG201 Sync Generator
Tektronix WFM601i Serial Comp. Video Monitor
Tektronix 1740 Waveform / Vectorscope
Leitch Video DA’s (ADC 6830 DA Cards)
Canare HD Ready Video Patch Panels
Leitch Audio DA’s(ASD880 DA Cards)
ADC Digital Audio Patch Panels


Sony Tri master EL 17” Multi-format Video Monitor (QC)
2 Visio 19” LED Multi-format Video Monitors,(Satellite Return)
ToteVision LCD-400 4” Monitor (IRD Monitor)
Marshall V-R53P 5” Monitor (Switcher Monitor)
Marshall V-R44DP 3” Monitor (Camera Monitor)
Tektronix 764 AES Digital Audio Monitor
Wohler AMP2 L8 series Digital Audio Monitor
Wohler AMP1A-30  Analog Audio Monitor

Production Equipment

Sony DFS-700 DME Production Switcher: Switcher Panel & Main Frame
Pesa Bobcat 16×2 Analog Routing Switcher
Sony J-30 Multi-format compact player
Sony DSR-2000 DVcam Recorder/Player
Sony DSR-11 DVcam Recorder/Player
Sylvania VHS-DVD combo Recorder/Player
Marshall V-R171P-SDI  17” Multi-format Video Monitor
Canare HD Ready Video Patch Panel
ADC Analog Video Patch Panel
Leitch SDI Video DA’s
Tektronix 1730 Analog Waveform/Vectorscope
Mackie 1402-VLZ Pro Audio Mixer
Dorrough Loudness Meter
Wohler VM-4 Audio Monitor Panel
EV-ELX-1R 4 ch. Audio Mixer
Videotek APM-200  Audio Amp/Speaker
Leitch Audio DA’s, ADC Digital Audio Patch Panel


3 Verizon Wireless PhoneCells
Clear-com AC10H Adapt-a-com
Clear-com RM-400A 4 ch. PL System
Clear-com Power  Supply
JK Audio Innkeeper 4 Multi-Line Digital Hybrid
Integrator Series 1000 Field IFB System
Comtek Wireless IFB Transmitter/Receiver

157-20-1024 157-21-1024 157-22-1024 157-80

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